THREE: Ungovernable Timbres

Oleksij Zajets performs in the “blind round”; Ruslana does not select him and this prompts a crisis in the program (pp. 85-88)

Listen to “Strila” from the Chornobyl Songs Project to hear the “huk” described on pp. 91-92. Another clear example of a “huk” can be heard here.

The Soviet-era Ukrainian folk choir Veriovka performs “Blackthorn Blossom” (Цвіте Терен). Nina Matvienko, Tonia’s mother, is one of the soloists. (pp. 92-3)
For timbral contrast, Drevo (Kyiv) performs a lyrical song (pp. 91-100)
Suzanna Karpenko’s “blind” audition and “story of authentication” (Stahl 2013, 38) (pp. 100-102 in Wild Music)
Karpenko faces Brovko in the “Fight Round” (pp. 106-9)
Karpenko gets voted out in a sudden death challenge; Skrypka weeps (p. 108-9)

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