FOUR: Eastern Music

Listen to the Full Radio Mix of DJ bebek’s “Meydan” on Spotify (p 130), as well as his mix of the well-known Crimean Tatar dance song “Tym-tym.” The entirety of his first album, Deportacia, can be purchased on Soundcloud.

A music video of “Ey, Güzel Qirim” featuring many popular Crimean Tatar singers and performers. DJ Bebek is seen in the opening scene, playing a saz. The lyrics from the chorus of this song were adapted in Jamala’s Eurovision-winning song “1944” (p 136).
Jamala’s “1944,” winner of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest (pp 134-8).

Additional Materials

DJ Bebek performs at the ten year anniversary celebration of Radio Meydan in Simferopol
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